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I agree to the following terms and conditions...

- I am over 18 years of age and/or the representative/contact for the performer(s) in the above routine.

- I have permission from any and all performer(s) in the above routine to perform for the danceX audition.

- Misrepresentation or fraud may disqualify the routine from the competition.

- Music, costume, and performance must be appropriate and danceX has the right to disqualify the routine for violation.

- I give my consent to danceX to broadcast the submitted material and use it for promotional material.

- I agree to send in a 20-second introduction video of the performer(s) talking about themselves and the routine they will be performing. It may include their name, age, how long they have been dancing, where they are from, etc.

- I agree to send in a video of the routine at least 30 days prior to the contest.

- All funds are non-refundable.

- The decisions of the judges are final as to the routine going forward to the semi-final.
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